Save Time. Save Miles. Save Money.

In a state as large as Texas, meetings with multiple offices can sometimes be a real drain on resources. Especially when you start to meet with offices in other cities. Driving or flying to other offices can put a lot of strain on your company’s pocket book. That’s where web conference systems come in handy. Not only can you meet with other offices with the push of a button, you can save time, too. And everyone knows that time is money.

Applications of Web Conferencing

A recent study done by Verizon shows that:

  • Busy professionals attend over 60 meetings each month; however, most say they cannot attend all meetings to which they are invited due to the tremendous demands on their time.
  • A five-person meeting conducted in-person (involving plane travel for four of the attendees) is over seven times more expensive than a meeting conducted by teleconference, and nearly three times as expensive as a web conference.

When integrating a web conference system into your office, you help engage partners more effectively, streamline communications, and increase productivity. You cut down on drive time for meetings between you and clients or other offices. You and your business get to spend more time working. And you get to communicate more effectively and efficiently than if you were talking via email or text message.

How We Can Help

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