Once you have your dream A/V system, it needs to be maintained. Without proper audio/visual system maintenance, it won’t be functioning at maximum. That’s why we don’t just leave you high and dry after the design and installation process. We’ll continue to check in on your system as long as necessary to ensure it’s functioning at full capacity.

Continuing Service

Let’s be honest. Nothing’s perfect. Although we carry some of the highest-quality products in the industry, sometimes things do go wrong. But don’t fret. Our technicians have over 50 years of experience servicing A/V systems, and can troubleshoot, repair, and maintain all manner of products. If you have a problem with your A/V system, give us a call anytime and we’ll be there to help you solve it.

Preventive Maintenance

The easiest way to fix issues with your A/V system is to stop them before they happen. That’s why our teams will come to your location on a regular basis to run routine maintenance checks on your system. This minimizes the chance for downtimes due to malfunctions, and also minimizes the risk of headaches that other A/V installation companies cause by leaving you helpless after installation is complete.