Determining Your Goals

First, our expert team of designers consults with you to determine your project goals. What is it you want to get out of your new A/V system? Do you want to fill your auditorium with a stunning, booming sound, or just create a space where interactive learning can flourish in a training room? Do you know exactly what you want, or have no idea where to begin? Well don’t worry. That’s what we’re here for. In our 50+ years of experience, we’ve worked in almost every situation imaginable. We’re here to help you every step of the way.

Assessing Your Situation

Next, we assess the requirements of the project. Every building, room, and project is unique, so a different approach is needed for every system we design and install. That’s why it’s so important to have a crack team of designers that can expertly assess every situation, and take into account any environmental constraints that may affect the project.

Working within Your Budget

Finally – and most importantly – we work with you to help determine how your budget will work for you and the project at hand. We won’t try to sell you products you don’t need. We won’t offer you a service that won’t be of use to you. Our designers will work with your budget to ensure that you get the kind of system you want without breaking the bank. Depending on your needs, our control systems can incorporate sound, video, lighting, and data through one single touch panel.