The Big Picture

Everyone remembers those giant, hot, bulky overhead projectors. Your teacher would wheel them to the middle of the classroom on a big cart and set one of those transparent sheets on the glass screen, then begin to lecture. But with today’s technology, you’re able to use projectors for classrooms instead of those old school projectors. They allow for big pictures, and even big sound if set up with an audio system.

Applications in the Classroom

There are a large number of projectors available for your classroom. They’re able to hook up directly to a computer or other device, so you can easily share slideshows, documents, and notes with your students up on the big screen. This makes it a lot easier for students who have trouble seeing since the picture can be enlarged.

It also makes it easier for the instructor. Educators no longer have to waste valuable class time writing, erasing, and sometimes rewriting up on a whiteboard. Sharing slideshows or documents through projectors can save valuable time, money, and help students learn in a more visual manner.

How We Can Help

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