Training for the 21st Century

Training rooms have unique needs. They require a specific set of aids and tools to function properly. They need to be interactive to facilitate learning, but they also need to allow for easy communication of ideas. That’s where interactive monitors for training rooms come in.

Applications in the Training Room

Interactive monitors function as a standalone touchscreen computer, which is easy to use and to set up. You can interact with presentations, slideshows, and even show how to perform tasks on the screen itself.

Studies have shown time and time again that learning increases when individuals see a task performed or perform it themselves. This goes for all ages, from children to adults. Think of your training room like a high school classroom. Your instructor is there to show employees how to perform a task, and then ask them to perform it for an evaluation. An interactive monitor offers them a unique way to perform this task. By not only showing ‘students’ how to do something, but having them do it as well, you’re increasing the likelihood that they’ll retain the information and remember what they’ve learned. This makes for a more productive training environment and overall workplace.

How We Can Help

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