Interact With Your Presentations

We have known for years now that an interactive, engaging presentation helps viewers retain information (and not fall asleep during boring presentations). Interactive monitors for conference rooms can help captivate your audience and make your budgetary proposal more engaging. They can help you create more detailed presentations. And they can help you better convey information to your peers.

Applications in the Conference Room

Interactive monitors plug work in one of two ways: some act as a mouse for the computer while an image is projected onto them, while others act as a touchscreen for the computer itself. When you add one or more of these technologies to your conference room or boardroom, you can bring your meetings and presentations to a whole new level. Interact with slideshows, manipulate numbers, graphs, and charts, and even sketch out examples of new designs or ideas. The possibilities are endless.

How We Can Help

Our expert team has over 50 years of expertise designing, installing, and servicing audio/visual equipment for a variety of applications. We can help you find the A/V solution to fit your needs – and your budget. Contact us today to get in touch with one of our experienced representatives, and see what Audio Visual Aids can do to help your conference room or boardroom.