Whiteboards for the 21st Century

Chalkboards were used for years in the classroom. Then came the whiteboard. Both of these tools offered tremendous ability for instructors to interact with students by not only showing them how to do something, but by giving students the opportunity to practice their skills as well. But now, in the digital age, technology has advanced to allow students to interact and learn like never before by means of interactive monitors for classrooms.

Applications in the Classroom

Interactive monitors offer a unique learning and instruction opportunity that has never been possible before. They plug into computers, and act (in principal) as a large computer mouse. The image from the computer screen can either be directly put onto the board or projected onto it, and students or teachers can manipulate the objects, type, or illustrations on the screen.

Studies have shown that learning increases when environments are more hands on and interactive. In the past, it was difficult to facilitate this because instructors were stuck using whiteboards or pen and paper. But now, interactive monitors have opened up a whole new opportunity in the classroom. They allow for more communication, more fun, and most importantly, more learning opportunities.

How We Can Help

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