Sight and Sound for All

Many modern places of worship need not only audio systems, but visual systems as well. Larger spaces, overflow rooms, and even hallways often need video monitors in addition to their audio capabilities so worshipers not located in the main space can still be a part of the service. Our team has extensive experience assisting in audio/video production for churches and places of worship.

Applications in Places of Worship

Ensuring that all worshipers can see and hear clearly can sometimes be a difficult task. Multiple rooms, including overflows, need unique solutions to allow for audio and video dispersal. That’s why we often create a system that can be controlled from one location. This makes it easier for an individual or group to ensure that all worshipers, whether they’re in the main hall, overflow rooms, or hallways, can see and hear services.

If you don’t have a current permanent building, are you moving locations? Are you building a new place of worship from the ground up? We can work with your architect or engineer to integrate your audio/video production system into your new building. Our installation staff can help facilitate wiring, speaker and screen placement, and more.

How We Can Help

Our expert team has over 50 years of expertise designing, installing, and servicing audio/visual equipment for a variety of applications. We can help you find the A/V solution to fit your needs, and your budget. Contact us today to get in touch with one of our experienced representatives, and see what Audio Visual Aids can do to help your church or place of worship.